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Each year, we analyse the water of our lakes and monitor their transparency.

Membership includes a free analysis of the members' drinking water.

We organize social and formal events to meet with other members and the board of directors.

Informing our members is a top priority. We use our web site, Twitter and newsletters to help us do that.

We work with local and regional organisations, the municipality and provincial agencies to better serve our mission and our members.


Important note about the english site

If you browse the english version of our web site, you will quickly see that there is a limited number of recent posts.  Unfortunately, we have a limited number of resources and not enough time to correctly maintain both our french and english site.  The french site will provide you with a lot more articles, documents and pictures.  We kindly suggest using google translate to help you browsing it.  Nevertheless, should you need more information, d

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A new look for the web site

Did you notice?  Your web site has a brand new look.  You will find even more information than before. So what's new?  Well, we reorganized the menus (on top), regroup all news sorted by dates, added an RSS feed (available on our home page), and also added a search field that will allow you to find more easily a document or an article on our web site. The engine behind the web site is WordPress coupled with the Green Responsive te

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News update

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