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A new look for the web site

Did you notice?  Your web site has a brand new look.  You will find even more information than before.

So what’s new?  Well, we reorganized the menus (on top), regroup all news sorted by dates, added an RSS feed (available on our home page), and also added a search field that will allow you to find more easily a document or an article on our web site.

The engine behind the web site is WordPress coupled with the Green Responsive template.  Together, they will simplify the work for our team, both for updating and to distribute the work load among us.  WordPress also provides you with the opportunity to comment any specific article.  Finally, you will also find the web site to adapt its presentation and its menu layout to all your devices while making it easy to read articles on computers, tablets, even on smart phones.  Try it on your smart phone, the results are surprising!

We hope you will appreciate the changes.  Please let us know what you like or would like to see improved and we will try to adjust!

The association committee.


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