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Our association



L’Association pour la protection du lac Charlebois was created over 15 years ago. Founded by Renée Gauthier-Turgeon, the association was relatively inactive for a while. However, following a critical information session about cyanobacteria on May 27th 2007, a few residents decided to take action and give a second life to the group. On July 8th 2007, residents of the Des Sommets lake decided to join the movement, and the Association pour la Protection des Lacs Charlebois et Des Sommets was created.

L’Association pour la Protection des Lacs Charlebois et Des Sommets is a non-profit organisation, registered with the Régistraire des entreprises du Québec.


Meet our Members


The members of the Association are residents of properties that border the Charlebois and Des Sommets lakes, as well as residents of properties that compose the watershed of those lakes. Whether or not they have a direct access to the lake, all those residents can benefit from the surrounding environment and have an impact upon its quality.


Why Should You Be a Member?

All our members have access to the most up-to-date information regarding the lakes, and hold a decisional power over all actions of the association, which aim to preserve and improve de quality of our lakes,

As a resident, the quality of the lake has a direct impact on your quality of life: your leisure, your environment, your health,

As an owner, the quality of the lake and its surrounding environment has a direct impact on the value of your property,

Because together, it is much easier to stay informed, to understand, to act and to make a difference, in order to protect our environment,

It is also an excellent way to share your point of view, to promote it, and to meet your neighbours.


How Do I Become a Member?

Easy, it is all detailed in this page:  Become a member.


Board of directors and Executive Council


Once again this year, the General Assembly was held in Ste-Marguerite-du-lac-Masson’s Council Room. The directors nominated the executive team. For a second year in a row, the Executive Council is composed of:.

Executive Council:
Louis Richard  – President
Julien Fortier – Vice-president
Vilmain Gauthier – Treasurer
Simone Richard- Secretary

Other elected members of the Board of directors:

Catherine Saint-Germain
Michel Goulet
Normand Lepitre
Richard Brin
Richard Nagel
Roland Boivin
Vito Magistrale