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Our mission

Mission of the Association

Protect the quality of the water, the shores and the watershed of the Charlebois and Des Sommets lakes of Ste-Marguerite-du-lac-Masson.


To fulfill our mission, the actions of the association will follow these main objectives:

Inform and Educate

Inform and Educate the owners and residents about :

  • The state and evolution of the quality of the water, the aquatic wildlife and the shores of the lakes
  • The importance and impact of human activity on the state of the lakes;
  • The actions that each of us can take to lessen their negative impact on the environment;
  • The economical and recreational gain that healthy lakes can represent for owners and residents;
  • The existing rules and regulation and other governmental actions that relate to our mission;


Actively Promote

  • The solutions and governmental programs that relate to our mission;
  • The adoption of new laws or regulations that would further the completion of our mission



  • All human action that goes against the existing rules and regulations, in relation to our mission, and communicate them to the authorities concerned;
  • The application of the rules and regulations by the competent authorities.

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