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Past events

Ditch clean-up Day 2013

Our association undertook another very successful ditch clean-up this year. Within the context of this friendly, social and stimulating activity, all visible detritus surrounding Lac Charlebois and Lac Des Sommets was removed for the benefit and enjoyment of all lake users.

Start Time: 0 h 00 min , Start Date: 05/19/2013 Location:
Renew your membership!

A member of our association residing near your area will contact you in June or July regarding your membership renewal. Once again this year, the association will provide a free water analysis report to all renewing members. This will take place at the annual picnic on August 11, 2013. Please note t

Start Time: 0 h 00 min , Start Date: 06/23/2013 Location:
Second water sampling for VLMP analysis

Second of three water sampling for the VLMP.  We are on the lakes to take water samples required for the analysis of Trace of Phosphor, Dissolved Carbon and Chlorophyll a.

Start Time: 0 h 00 min , Start Date: 07/21/2013 Location:
Annual picnic and water analysis (coliforms)

Once again this year, we will be having our annual picnic for members and friends of the association. All members in good standing (last-minute membership of $20 will be accepted onsite) will be able to have their tap-water freely analysed and tested for fecal and total coliforms. Cost for non membe

Start Time: 10 h 00 min , Start Date: 08/11/2013 Location: 12, rue Charlebois
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