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All residents of the lakes watershed, waterfront property or not, have an impact on the lakes and water streams.  There are some actions wer invite you to take and also regulations in place to be respected.

Soaps and other detergents …

Use dishwasher soaps with no phosphates is easy.  You will find more details in this section in our page about phosphates.

Do not use fertilizers …

It is not permitted to use fertilizer in the Riparian strip (15 meters strip off the shore).  Usage of natural fertilizers is autorized outside this area but we ask you not to use any whenever possible.  If you have to, please do it with moderation and as far as possible of any water stream.

See the Municipality’s regulation on fertilizers and insecticides in our section on Regulations.

Have your waste water system verified ….

Have your waste water system verified.  Old sump hole or cess pool are bad.  Especially if they are badly located or located close to a water stream.  Leaching fields (or absorption fields) older than 15 years, or not protected against excessive weight, can lose their efficiency depending of the use of it.

Reforest the shores and the littoral zone …

Reforestation of the riparian strip is important for the health of our lakes.  This is especially true on the mid and long run to help diminish the phosphor nutriments draining to the lakes.  We are responsible of how the lakes will be for the generations to come.

There are regulations about maintaining and the regeneration of the riparian strip.  See our Regulation section for more details.

Talk about it with your neighbours …

It is important to have everyone understand and the risks of not caring and the benefits to reduce the nutriments in our lakes.

You will find more details about these suggestions and regulations in the other sections of our website.  See the menu on in the right sirebard.