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Regulation on revitalization of the littoral zone now in place

The municipality of Ste-Marguerite mailed to all lakeside owners a letter informing them of the rew regulation voted last may (2008).

For a rare occasion, the municipality did not used mass mailing distribution to the lake addresses but used the mailing addresses of all the owners.  Environment department will visit all lakeside properties of the municipality to distribute information about the regulation and also mark the 10 or 15 meters littoral line to be respected.   In short:  it is not allowed to cut grass and plants nor is it allowed to put any fertilizer in the littoral zone.

In the interest of the lakes health, for the pleasure they provide us all as well as for the value of our lake properties, we ask your collaboration to respect and spread this regulation to your friends and neighbours.

Copy of the regulation (in french): règlement NO 06-2003-A15 (P1)

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